Poznávat dosud nepoznané, společně prožívat dobrodružství i v tzv. všedním životě, přitom nečekat, až vše jen spadne do klína. Spolupracovat, nebát se těžkostí a problémů, snažit se je překonávat čestně, hrdě se hlásit ke svým úkolům i průšvihům, nemít své slovo za cár papíru… i to je činnost Pionýra.

Víte, že?

Spolupráce probíhá i na místní úrovni - mnohé pionýrské skupiny a oddíly pořádají společné akce s oddíly jiných organizací, domy dětí a mládeže a podobně.



Children meet in clubrooms once a week. During the session children have a chance to discover new activities or test their mental and physical skills in various games. The variety of activities can be long or short to ensure each session is different and enjoyable.


These are open to anybody except those already in a Pionyr section. The variation of activities offered is very wide to extend the interests of the children (e.g. sports, arts and crafts, board games, etc.)

Weekend activities

Sections usually go on an expedition once a month. The aims can be to recognize the natural beauty of our country, to have adventures, or to carry on an activity started during the weekly sessions. Sections usually take advantage of holidays and festivals for extended weekend trips.


Traditional these are an opportunity for almost unlimited adventure and imagination: You can return to ancient times, pan for gold or reach the North Pole. The extra time available offers endless possibilities.

International activities

The Pionyr offers its members the chance to make friends in a number of partner organisations spread all over the world. Everybody can go to international camps, host delegation members in their family, participate at interesting seminars or even work as a volunteer with the European voluntary service.


Klíčení (Germination)
The project strives to create an educational program for children with special educational needs, such as children from socially disadvantaged families, children endangered with leaving education prematurely, and, last but not least, talented children. The project is financed by the European Social Fund within the Education for Competitiveness operational program.

Pionýrská stezka (Pioneer Path)
is a countrywide progress contest and the oldest tradition. It is open to all who wish to participate. Pioneer Path focuses on knowledge and ability in various areas such as tourism, camping, sport, nature, science, culture, and engineering. During the competition the children develop both physical and intellectual skills. They are divided by age and work in pairs solving a variety of outdoor tasks at different levels of difficulty.

Branná hra Cestou odhodlání (Path of determination)
A very popular competition following an old tradition, but without strictly defined rules. The requirements and conditions change each year, but are always in three levels according to age. Children need courage and self-reliance as they spend the weekend finding their way in the outdoors, day and night, developing their survival skills. Leaders do not help, but act as observers to ensure the children’s safety.

O putovní pohár Zlaté růže (Golden Rose Cup)
A challenge cup for Pionyr hiking sections named after the Golden Rose of Jindřichùv Hradec.
A race for the whole of Czech Republic in knotting arranged by the Golden Rose Pionyr section. It is an open, free competition for youth and children from 7 years old. Competitors can also visit the historic city of Jindřichùv Hradec, its museum and beautiful local chateau.

A competition for teams of children up to 18 years old. Its name is related to the Olympic circles with five groups from a wide variety of disciplines such as floorball, volleyball, softball, athletics and table tennis but also activities like chess or puzzle solving.

Country-wide Finals In Non-traditional Sports
Pionyr arranges lots of finals for fans of various sports such as ringo circle, floorball and dodgeball. These are not just a chance to compete others, but even to take part in a spirit of friendship, fairness and good feelings.

Pionýrský Sedmikvítek (Pioneer’s Seven-Floret)
This is a programme of cultural and artistic activities. The seven petals symbolize the seven areas of singing, music, dancing, film, photography, theatre, arts and handcrafts. Open contests for groups and individuals are organised in each of these areas for all ages including non-members of Pionyr.