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The Pionyr relies on the work of several thousand volunteers. Every group is responsible for adequate preparation of their leaders and young instructors. To fulfil this requirement there is a system of training for both organizers and those working directly with young people. In addition to an accredited programme of leader training, Pionyr also runs basic curricular courses that focuses on more specialised areas.


The Pionyr is publishing several types of publications. The number of different types is caused by the different needs of the association - games for children, information about comics and so on. Most of them are dedicated for it's own using. Such types of publications cannot be bought in public shops.


The coordination of activities and management of projects is important for both everyday living and long time survival of Pionyr. Young people, together with experienced people, participate in decision-making processes with the executive and supreme boards of the organisation.


The Pionyr offer activities, which are reachable for any child and young person. The organisation is using finances given by members, parents, municipal, regional and state donations. The duty of the organisations economic unit is keeping the system of evident donations and contributions available to everyone.


All activates suggested depend on good coordination and communication. Informing is one of the basic parts of this activity. The Pionyr pays big attention to receiving and spreading up-to-date information. We use the Internet and internal bulletin "Mozaika".


A place for camping and holding all-year activities is important too. Groups of volunteers are working hard for the benefit of the campsites and clubrooms. Finances for improvement of equipment give Pionyr from both its own sources and donations.